5.4GHz RSSI Values

Hi all,

I’ve got a 5.4GHz Canopy network with 2 SMs.

One SM has a very constant RSSI value in the AP Sessions between -70 and -73dBm. The other SM seems to vary greatly with respect to RSSI @ SM and RSSI @ AP. I just checked the RSSI this morning and the SM was sitting at -64dBm and the AP Session was @ -63dBm. I checked it a couple of minutes later and the RSSI @ AP was up to -74dBm and SM was @ -72dBm. I can check it throughout the day, and it has been as low as -77dBm and as high as -65dBm.

Any ideas?? Temperature related???


Sounds like interference. Did you try to change the frequency? Are you graphing at all? What platform are are they, P9, P10 or P11? You can check the board temp on P10 and P11. Goto the engineering.cgi page to check the temperature under “Advanced Stats”. If it was heat related we would expect to see it mainly on one side ether RX or TX but very rarely would you see it on both.

Are these shots over water? I’m assuming LOS since 5.4 GHz

They are all P10.

LOS, the one link with the eratic RSSI is 12.97 miles.

If it was interference, why would the RSSI be affected on both ends??? while the other link has a stable RSSI that does not change??

I will check the temps in the morning.

If you are shooting over water, especially if not high up on either side, we can see variations of 10-12 dB throughout the day.