5.4Ghz RSSI

What is the minimiun RSSI for 5.4Ghz acceptable link. i have tried a new Cluster with 5.4Ghz at 1.2 Milles but i can’t receive more than 500 RSSI. i have clear LOS. and AP is at 23dBm


Forget the RSSI. Use the Power Level value in dBm instead.

You can use RSSI but keep in mind that the values differ for each unit. The main thing to understand is that with each install try to get the highest RSSI, highest dBm, and lowest Jitter.

Jitter is king so you can sacrifice some RSSI & dBm for lower jitter. Once the install is complete, document the RSSI, jitter, and dBm for that install so that you have it baselined as the best possible value at time of install. Then as you monitor the link over time you always have your reference point for that particular link with its best values.

What does the link test and jitter show?