5.7 Advantage AP strange behavior

hello -

I have an advantage 5.7 AP, running 6.1 firmware. the SM’s are advantage, as well. We are not using 2x mode.

RSSI is about 570, low jitter. Signal strength is around -76 dbm.

Throughput is great for a while, but after I put some load on the link, the link quality degrades, and after a while drops altogether. At the same time, the RSSI and jitter does not change, still reports as if it was connected just fine. Rebooting the AP fixes the problem.

Link test will all of a sudden report full speed down, but only about 56 to 64k up. Then, after a while the link test will not complete at all. After a reboot, everything is back up to 100% by 100%.

Any ideas?