5.7 BH separation

does the 100 ft separation rule apply to backhauls (5.7) on opposite sides of the tower on different freqs without timing between them.
if it does, can I put timing cables between them and on downstream to the next set of backhauls using the headend backhaul as the timing master. I have a 4 tower string of backhauls to complete. The second tower now has a pair of backhauls about 30 vert separation and is working fine as a repeater with a 2.4 access point on the tower also. I am concerned about the next one out since I have to be higher to make the hop and don’t really have 100 ft of separation. thanks anybody

Why don’t you just fashion an aluminum shield to cover the BH that you want separation from? Just something simple that can cover the top of the BH unit… then you can mount your other BH pretty darn close if you want…

Just an idea.

I would think if they were facing oposing directions you would not need a shield. my back haul and main cluster are both 5700’s and they are only 15 feet apart. we have had them up about a year now with no trobles. although I would strongly recommend at least a cmm micro to give you the timing you need it really makes a difference


the problem with a cmm at the second site is I need to control timing at the first repeater site also. How many sites can I daisy chain the timing down from a head end timing master?