5.7 bh10 problem

This link has been up running for almost 5 years and on friday it went dead.

Master side showed no registered slaves, everything else looked good, very few re-reg counts on the link, last registered jitter was a 1.

I dispatch to the slave side and it does the registering/syncing/scanning thing, I check it in aiming mode and it sees the AP jitter of 1 rssi 900+. It wont connect. I checked the spectrum everything looks clean. Defaulted and reflashed both the master and slave still same results.

The link is ~ 2 miles with the slave end dished.

Anyone have any suggestions?

1 of the radios may have went deaf…try replaceing one end…if it doesn’t fix it, replace the other end.

We’ve had several BH’s drop over the past year when they lose the ability to receive GPS sync thru the power port, but setting the option to ‘generate sync’ brings them back to life. We’re in the process of trying the packetflux SyncConverters.

So it can go deaf in operation mode but not in aiming mode?

I would swap out one end but these are p8 BH10’s that dont work with my new p10 bh10’s :frowning:



Were you able to resolve this? I’d be happy to loan you a P8 BH if you cover shipping to rule that out.

We still keep a few of them around, for our new deployments out in the boonies.


I appreciate the offer! I installed the p10 bh link and it seems to be working well enough for the load.

Thanks though