5.7 Omnis

I have a couple of remote sites I need to deploy, the terrain is a night mare and a handful of customers (50), however they are strategic customers, if I use standard AP I will need to use 2/3, I am thinking of using an omni.

Any thoughts/experiences. (5.7GHz)

We use 5.7 quite a bit.

Requires perfect LOS - no trees, no hills, nada.

id heard that omni was not as stable or resistant to other interferance or noise… what has your experience been like


An omni will pick up stray interference from every direction.

BUT, you might do a spectrum analysis at the site and see how quiet 5.7 really is. If it’s below -85 consistently, I’d seriously consider it.

I would vote for 120 degree sectors - twice the signal strength of an omni and lower jitter

120 will work for me…
I will look into that