5.7 P9 Advantage SM's for TRADE

So, I’ve resigned myself to the fact there isn’t enough demand for the 20 Advantage SM’s I have to sell them for what I want…

I have a location I need to light up with some line of site equipment.

I am looking to trade some 5.7sm’s for a 5.7AP - I don’t care if the AP is advantage or non-advantage.

I would also be interested in swapping for a 2.4AP or 5.2AP and SM’s I don’t care if they are non-advantage. Heck, I’ll even take old hardware platforms as long as they will run 7.3.6 even if they don’t support 2X or hardware scheduling.

PM me if interested.

I would prefer to make a lateral trade - 20 SM’s for an AP and 20 SM’s but non-advantage, old hardware platform, etc.