5.7 rssi and jitter

i have already read all of the rssi stuff on the sticky but i want to hear what you think on this connection. this is my first installation of a 5.7 i have done a ton of the 900 mhz and i see the values seem to be different on the rssi and jitter compared to 900 mhz. so here is what i got just tell me if it is acceptable.

5750 ap on a 100 ft tower going 5.7 miles using reflectors to a 5.7 sm on a 66 ft water tank also using a reflector the best i can get is 487 on rssi and a jitter of 9 with a -79 db i am sure that i may have a fresnel situation but do you think this link will be sufficient. oh yea i have a 98% effeciency on the link. this will also be feeding a 900 ap for a while. i expect around 25 peeps on it.

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We use 5.2. I can say that your power level is satisfactory but the jitter is not good. The cause may be a fresnel situation or a bad alignment of modules.

Something is wrong. At 5.7 miles with a reflector at both ends you should be seeing jitter of 1-2 and RSSI of 1500+

This is a link from a 5.7AP - no reflector to a 5.7SM with reflector:

RSSI 894
Jitter 4
Air Delay 1235 (approximately 11.46 miles (60515 feet))
Radio Power Level -78 dBm

does it make a difference that i am using an advantage ap and a non advantage sm? also could the top of the water tank be an issue i think it is clearing the top but it is close.

mixed ap and sm is not your problem.

regarding the water tower. if you think its a problem then it probably is.