5.7 SM not responding

I have a 5.7 SM that is acting strange, mainly in the mornings. It is running code as is the AP it connects with. It is having extremely long ping times(500-2000ms) and drops. It is registered to the AP with a -59 db signal, 1044 rssi and 2 jitter, distance is .61 miles. I have telnet to the AP that it is registered with and it is dropping pings from the AP to the SM. But I am not seeing my regs or re-regs counts change and the AP shows that it is active encrypt the whole time. Anyone have any clues as to what may be going on? There is a tropos unit behind this SM that feeds about 50 users.


If you have 50 users behind the SM, you’re probably hitting the packet limit of the SM.

We find mornings, noon and early evenings to be the busiest times on our system.

I’d agree. We hit the wall with 40-50 users on an SM.

I would tend to agree with that, but there is only about 800k worth of bandwidth coming through it, and it has run with 2-3 M of bandwitdh with no issues…I will keep digging…

High bandwidth usage doesn’t always correlate to high packet count. Depending on what is being utilized at the time, it could be a large amount of small packets that are causing it.

Just an update, during this issue there were only 10 users connected behind this SM… still digging…

I know there are 2 users who are on skype and I am checking to see if they may have been on during this time frame…