5.7 with line of site through power lines?

We have installed a number of 900mhz that shot through high tension wires. We had a problem with interference. We installed a yagi antenna with the 900mhz and this solved the problem with the interference. Now I have an install with a 5.7. I can see the tower, no problem, but we are shooting right through the same power lines. I got a 324 rssi and a jitter of around 5. I did a link test and got a 89 & 97 on the up and down link. Not sure which was which now. I then spent about an hour surfing the internet on the customers computer. My friends and we did the install while doing a BBq… Anyway, I had no problems with the link. But am wondering if I can do better. I have never had an rssi this low. Usually with the 900 we are in the 1400 range. Is the range different with the 5.7? And is there anything I can do to get a better link? I didnot see any difference in speed as with my 5.7 and I live a couple of doors down, but do not shoot through the power lines. But my up and down links are 100%. Any thing I can do?

We had this same issue. Oddly, moving the AP to a different frequency helped. I think it’s at 5735 now for that AP, but you’ll probably need to experiment.

We have a rssi about 800-1500 on P8 SMs and 300-500 on P9 SMs. A link quality is more depends on jitter than rssi. Look here - http://canopywireless.com/support/commu … php?t=1787

Also we had problems with shooting through power lines (we works on 5.2 GHz). Everithing had worked after installing a reflector for SM.