5.7GHz antennas

I currently have a connectorized 5.7 AP with a 12db gain 360 degree antenna. I found that this is not as much gain a standard 60 degree AP. It seems like I’m getting half of the distance of a standard 60 degree AP.

Is there an antenna out there that I could put on the connectorized 5.7 AP that will provide me with an equal amount of effective radiated power (and receive sensitivity) as the standard 60 degree AP?

I think I can live with 120 degrees… Calculations also show that a 120 degree antenna should give me almost twice the distance as the 360 antenna. I’ve looked all over and I can’t find any 120 degree 5.7 antennas… actually, I was able to find one but it is horizontally polarized.

Any recommendations from people using connectorized in the 5.7 band?

What 5.7 antennas have you used?

Would it be much better if I just changed this AP out to 2 non connectorized APs (to make 120 degrees)?

Hyperlink has some nice antennae that operate in the 5725 - 5850 MHz range. They even have a 360 degree sectorized kit which allows you to connect 3-4 sector antennae to one access point. I know some other people on the forums here have used them with great success. Personally I’ve used the 2.4 sectorized kits and they seem to be performing well.

http://www.hyperlinktech.com/web/sector … _array.php

If you look the footprint of standard ap, you can see that you have 80% coverage at 90degrees, 60% coverage at 120.
I personaly recomend to start with 2 ap.

omni have 15degres vertical, canopy 60