5 Megs throughput on 820, what did I do wrong?

They are tuned well, I think I have the services tab setup properly but I’m honestly not sure. They problem is not the cable because the Airfibers before them were working fine and both links are gigabit.


To me looks like everything’s fine.
How did you measure those “5 Megs”?

I’m running a bandwidth test from a mikrotik on each end of the link

I think you need to look at who is dropping the packets. You can take a look under Ethernet/PM & Statistics/RMON. You can clear all the stats and use the mikrotik to send a number of packets at certain rate which will be greater than 5Mbps and see how many packets are received by the radio and how many packets are forwarded by the radio. By doing that, you can determine if the PTP820 radio is dropping packets.

I just realized that you are using management interface in the payload PIPE. You should never use management interface for payload traffic. You should use ETH1.

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How exactly do I change this? We have a cable going to P1 (and sorry this is an 850S, not 820). Port 1 show shows disconnected, Is that normal? Should I be running a 2nd cable to P2?

It’s sounds like you’re trying to use both data and inband mgmt over the dedicated management port. You can’t run a data pipe over your mgmt port. You’ll need to physically move the cable to a different port. Assuming that you want to use in-band mgmt over your data line, you’ll need to move your ethernet cable to something like ethernet Slot 1, Port 1. Then you’ll need to make sure you have in-band mgmt enabled:


And then remove the mgmt interface from your P2P service, so it looks something like this (except assign the pipe to eth slot 1, port 1):

And then make sure your mgmt service looks something like this:


So this is the only illustrated port guide I can find for the PTP850S (because it’s been discontinued):


I don’t understand how the ports you’re showing in your screen shot align with the port illustration I found. This is very confusing.


just connect the RJ45 cable to port3 which is ETH1. and use ETH1 in the PIPE configuration…