50% Link Tests

So we have two 900 APs on a grain leg (One is an APF another Connectorized). The past few months they randomly start acting up. Customers will call and complain of slow and intermittent service, which baffles us because the radios are not dropping out , the SMs will have been in session for 1,2,3+ days. But when we go in the radios and run link tests they are in the 50-60% range (1x mode). Rebooting the AP makes no difference. And its never both APs at the same time, and usually goes away after 3-4 days and starts back up a week or two later. We have another grain leg about 5 miles away that never has this issue so I don’t believe it’s interference. But what in the **** could it be?


have u turned the ap to an sm and run a spec analysis? would try that when you notice the link drop, what are the rssi of the radios? so when the ap is acting well the links are 100%? i really would say its interference we had a similar issue with one of our tower sites and then it went away so we chalked it up to interference. what about the sm stats are they showing overloads or wrong frequency beacon received counts? i had an issue where a in a couple of instances i was able to turn of the auto scan and make the radio only look for the frequency of the tower that it is on that helps in some cases. one more thing is on the session status of the AP there are NO re-regs or reg counts going up? also what firmware you run?

These radios are not regging or re-regging. We are running 9.5 on both APs so RSSI is no longer there. I really don’t think it’s interference because the radios aren’t dropping out including the worst one which is at a -74. So if the intereference isn’t strong enough to knock a -74 offline, how could it be strong enough to make a radio in the low 50s have such horrible link tests? Doesn’t add up.

what about the spec analysis? what channel are you running on? also if you notice it acting up i suppose i would try to throw up a brand new radio around different locations to see if your getting the same results on a new radio, i had to replace a radio yesterday that was acting up the same way just seemed to be bad rf, it would show 100% on one link test then you ran another and it was udder crap

Havn’t been able to run a spec analisys yet. And if it was only one AP doing this but its both of them. One connectorized, on an APF unit. Neither does it consistently. It comes and goes.

I am wondering if maybe its self interference? Are you power balancing your SM’s?
Depending on the noise floor, I try to get all SM’s in the -65 area.
Just a thought.

If you have a link test 80-90% downlink and below 60% uplink that means interference in the ap side