Looking for information on anyone who has these in place. What is the furthest distance that you have gone with a pair of the 20Mbps BH’s?

I have a 16 mile link with standard Channel Master (Moto) dishes. It currently sitting at -59dBm. I have a buddy who says he has a 54 miles link (Mountain Top to Mountain Top) using 3ft solid parabolic dishes with connectorized radios. I haven’t seen it with my own eyes yet…

Ok, that answers all my questions.


I believe the question was distance on a 5200BH, right?

You can get about 10 miles.

Unless of course you are going WAY over EIRP in the 5.2 GHz range.

What I see often in Utah is several carriers overpowering the 5200 units with illegal configurations either in the backhaul or SM.

How are they illegal you ask?

They put reflectors on standard 5200BH units which are not the special low power 5200BHE units. So they are around 10-18dB over EIRP on both ends.

Or they put reflectors on the 5200SM which is not a certified solution. Some justify this by putting the power setting on “Low”. But this is still not regulation. But most often I see the 5200SM with a reflector out like 13 miles which is a dead give away that they are over EIRP.

Generally speaking you get 10 miles out of a Point to Point 5.2GHz U-NII system. Maybe a bit more if you are clever with the systems you buy, but not Motorola.

PtMP you get maybe 1-2 miles max.