5700 Cluster reception problems

I installed a 6 sector cluster about a year ago. the property has apprx. 148 homes, the cluster is on top of 60’ tower at one corner of the property. the furthest home is about 1500’ away. the sm’s are located some in the attic and some had to be mounted outside. when 1st designing the system I sent the blue prints off to canopy tech support and was assured we should have no problems. i cant get service to the northeast corner, even mounting outside and even tried a reflector. running out of options and time with HOA. any ideas or anyone interested in 150 used sm’s and 6 sector cluster w/ CMM. :x

Will the SM you can’t get to work in the NE corner work if you move it elsewhere? Have you tried more than one SM at the non-functioning location? Have you done spectrum analysis to get an idea of any interference? Have you tried switching the AP pointed NE to a different frequency? Does the non-functioning SM (or location) show anything in its AP Eval page?

Your description of the physical environment sounds extremely simple and forgiving. You likely have equipment or configuration issues. If you’ll post a few more details about the installation, maybe we can help.

I’ll try to answer your questions as you asked them.
1. Yes, if we move to another location on the property. There is a nature preserve about the size of a football field between the NE corner and the tower. In addition to some 2 story homes.

2. yes, there are some homes in the NE corner that can get service. There are a couple of ranch style houses that are really screwed because of the hight of the surrounding houses that are 2 story.

3. Yes, moved the cluster freq. plan up with no increase in performance.

4. No, the we only see the sm scanning for ap. it never registers or sync’s.

The engineer is claiming he loses communication to the AP’s from time to time. when connecting to the CMM.

I imagine the trees in the preserve could be as high as the APs. A quarter-mile isn’t very far to reach, but 5GHz won’t tolerate many obstacles.

The simplest solution would be to add a single 900MHz AP to the tower and install matching SMs where the 5.7 signal won’t reach. Your area is small enough that this single AP with a 60-degree antenna could service any or every home in the 1100-foot square area.

The problem the engineer has reaching the APs while connected to the CMM – if the SMs don’t lose their outbound access – could be IP-related. Are you using public IP addresses on your APs?

There has to be more to this as 1500’ shouldn’t be a problem. I am concerned when you mention installing in the attic of homes and nature preserves with 5.7 GHz. How close and how high is the nearest tree, or other obstacle, to the SM that isn’t working?

How often are you loosing communication to the AP’s? What software revision are you on? When you say that the communication to the AP’s is lost have you been able to tell if they all reset at the same time (trying to eliminate that there is a potential reboot all at the same time)

I’ve been thinking about that. Will the 900 AP work with the 5700ap’s and the CMM? I’ve used the Waverider 900 in a rural area of alabama and i’m out about 6-7 miles from a 250’ tower. What is your experience with Canopy 900?

The 900 AP will operate independently from the 5.7 APs. Yes, you should connect the 900 AP to the CMM, but this is to sync it with other 900 Canopy APs belonging to you or a competitor, there’s no need to sync it with the 5.7 APs.

I’ve used the 900 successfully up to 4 miles out with significant local trees, and 8 miles with only a few trees.

Yes, we are always interested in Canopy equipment. If you are serious about selling the 5.7 equip, drop me an e-mail. I’ve had excellent performance with canopy 900 gear also. 22 miles nlos with few trees, 6 miles with heavy foliage. Also, please do a spectrum analasys before you deploy any more gear. Use a 900 sm and record all information both horizontally and vertically for future reference. This could save you thousands of dollars and lots of head scratching.

Can you turn the SM’s that are close to the AP down to low power? You might be seeing an issue where the high power of the SM’s mixed with the multipath are causing the ones that are out on the fringe to act up.