5700BH on 12.1 not letting me set regional code.

We are getting ready for a tower deployment so I upgraded two 5.7 PTP 100 10 Mbit backhauls to 12.1. On both of them I have had difficulty setting the region. To be precise, it would let me set the region but not the country. I would try to set it but when I pressed save it would act like it was saving and then come back and tell me to set the country. Sure enough, it would not be set.

I was finally able to set it on the master, but it is still not set on the slave. I am hoping it won’t matter on the slave, but if anyone has any thoughts please let me know.

Just an update, it DID seem to matter. I finally got it set by switching the slave to a master, setting the region, then switching it back to the slave.

Along the way we aligned it at night and learned that a powerful green laser is an excellent tool for visual alignment from over 10 miles away in the dark. Just have someone point it at you from the other tower and align away.

You guys climbed to do an alignment in the dark? I’m not sure if that’s courageous or insane! haha