5700BH20 Link - Please Advise

I am working on a 18.06mile link, this was the distance Slave gave when it was able to register once, very low RSSI.

It is w/ 27RD reflector. Do you think 18-20mile link is just fine for this? Does the elevation attribute to poor signal as Point A is too high from Point B.

To give more scenario:

Point A = 300Ft Above Sea Level
Point B = 2400Ft Above Sea Level
Distance = 18.06miles.

Can you elaborate more?

This link should have -70dB at each end which should give you enough for a 1X link but probably not a 2X link.

What is the noise floor at the master and slave? (you will have to switch the master to a slave to do a spectrum analysis). If it’s close to -70 you may not get a link at all.

18 miles is a pretty long shot, you will have to spend quite a bit of time peaking the two dishes.

Are there any Fresnel issues? the Fresnel zone is 66’ at 9.5 miles.

What do you suggest if I make it a 2 hops/pair link, supposed, I will divide this 18.06 to make:

When you say 1X, means 10mb, right? and 2x is 20mb?

Link A: 8miles
Link B: 10miles

Can I be able to make 2x on it?

wht about earth curvature?

I cannot say without more information.

Are there other 5.7 BH’s and/or AP’s - canopy or otherwise?
What is the noise floor at each point in the path?
How much bandwidth are you trying to transport?

There are lot of APs 5735/5775/5815/5835.

I am using a Packetflux Synch to synch the BH Master.

The elevation is like this:

I hope you can advise me of more possibilities to make this work.

Or would you advise, 2400BH20/5400BH20 instead?

Bandwidth is like Internet up to 1mbps + frequent viewing of up to 6 IP Cameras from the other side.

Here is my Option B, making it into 2 Links/Hops:

This will make a 14mile and 6mile hops, from the original 18.06 direct link.

Have you done a spectrum analysis to see what the noise levels are across the 5.7 band?

I will do and post screenshot again.

Made it work already.

I have an 18.9 mile link with 2X running at 99%/99% link test. This is using Wireless Beehive Reflector Dishes. I get about -72dbm. Been up for years now.

Jerry, how are you determining the size of the Fresnel zone on these links?

Here are the calculations for the Fresnel zones.


Remember, Fresnel is cylindrical so F1 (and the other F) are all around the path; above, below, left, right, odd angles.