5700BH20 sensitivity and fade

Hey quick question guys:

Does anyone know the receiver sensitivity of the 5700BH20 in both 1x and 2x modes, and what the recommended fade margins are?

On that note, is there any problem with using the full output power (+25dBm) of the radio in 2x mode?


Sensitivity is the same in 1X or 2X, -79dB. http://motorola.motowi4solutions.com/pr … cshome.php

You need 3dB S/N to get a 1X link and 10dB S/N in 2X.

Fade margin in my network is 6dB minimum.

I’m still having problems when someone says a certain amount of S/N, then fade margin and the way the sensitivity figures into that… Are you saying for 1x it’s 3dB minimum, but you prefer 9dB, and in 2x it’s 10dB minimum, but you prefer 16dB? Doesn’t this all have to be above the receiver sensitivity then, and long as the noise floor is below that?

In order to get the radio to register, it needs to see 3dB/1X or 10dB/2X

Since noise can raise and lower due to a number of factors, I build in an additional 6dB minimum on my BH links (customers are a different story).

For example, if the noise floor is -83dB, then it will take -80 to get a 1X link and -73 to get a 2X link. Add 6dB of fade and the minimum level is -74dB for a 1X link, and -67 for a 2X link.

In some areas, more fade is required depending on conditions.