5760SM not REGISTERING to a 5750 AP

Whats with this thing? My 5760SMs is not REGISTERING to 5750AP. What do I need to make it work?

And one thing, HOW can I identify if its a real 5750AP? Thanks.

Is there any other way to authenticate it?

5750AP is advantage AP?


I can see it has an image: CANOPY ADVANTAGE PLATFORM

Is there any way to identify it?

In software version 8 on the bottom of the first page it says hardware scheduling.

It may be a faulty SM,we have returned 6 out of the last 25 pack of 5460SMs for this very same reason,ie will not register,indications from our supplier are that we are not the only ones having problems !

I made it work.

its just on Authentication Source…either selecting SM, SM+BAM…etc.