5GHz 450M ethernet lockup?

Got a 5GHz Medusa today that went down out of nowhere. Ethernet link just quit. Luckily a remote power cycle brought it back up. Logged into it afterwards and the event log says:
ERROR: Unexpected PHY type ID 0xFFFFFFFF at address 25146 for ifnum 2

Can’t say we’ve seen this on any other sectors so far. We’ve been on since shortly after release, so a month and a half / two months now.

We had a similar error on one unit that kept happening after the upgrade to 20.3.1 and also We have downgraded to 20.2 to see if that resolves the issue. Our exact error was:
:ERROR: Unexpected PHY type ID 0x0FFFFFFF at address 1 for ifnum 0

Did you ever get a resolution on this @George_Skorup

We haven’t seen this on any other Medusa’s. Just the one time on that one. Seems like it’s extremely rare and my guess is probably very difficult to reproduce.

We are experiencing this same issue on 3 450m APs.

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