6.1 Non_Advantage SM with 4.2 AP

Is 6.1 backward-compatible with 4.2? Specifically, Can a 6.1 non-advantage SM connect to a 4.2.1 AP?

In a nutshell, yes. However you will see much better system performance ifyou upgrade the network to 6.1.

After we upgraded our netwrk, we noticed faster registration times, faster reboot times, and improved latency.

Jerry Richardson
airCloud Communications

I have experienced a problem with this set-up. I just received a new shipment of SM’s and they came with 6.1 software, yet my network is 4.2. I have just put up a couple of the 6.1 SM’s and am having problems with one. It registers for about 5 mins and then logs off for almost an hour. It is almost like clock work.

Any one have any ideas? Granted upgrading the entire network would probably be good, we just are not ready for that yet…

It’s wear, I had problems with an 7.0.7 AP and 4.2 SM, the SM cannot detect de AP even when in the spectrum analyzer show me the AP signal. To fix the problems I downgraded the AP to 4.2.