- upgrade failure

I have more and more cases that it is impossible to upgrade the software version to (devices e410).
Process loads 4.2.2 restarts, loads, restarts but does not pick up eth0 ?? !!. The system reboots and goes back to 4.2.2. I already have 3 such cases?
What is it about ?

if someone encounters similar symptoms, I recommend solutions.
Upgrade to 4.2.2!
Then to
Only the manual process works fine, the automatic update process does not work :frowning:


It’s a 2 step process where you need to upgrade to 4.2.2 first and then

However check the release notes as I’m having to do this more to avoid breaking things that previously worked.

Yes, I know it is, but theoretically the cloud does it itself. So it rushes to 4.2.2 then lifts it up.
Most of the devices work, and several dozen have to be bypassed.

And I have 4 devices that do not want to get up even with this method.
There is clearly something wrong with this version of the software :frowning: