6 radios in tower

Hi, I ve been thinking about radios and tower. But i dont really know and i need ur experienced comments and help.
I have 3 BH modules and one PTP300 and 1AP on the same tower. I must use a CMM
All of the radios are working at 5.7 GHz band.
I think I could give some frecuency spacing between them (20MHz- so for 5.7Ghz band could gives 6 channels)
Could i place those radios near each other ? Is there any problem with frecuency and distance between those 5 radios?

Thank for your help


There is no way it would work whithout a cmm.
the ptp needs the most distance you can get, because it cant be sincronized.
give 25 mhz separation to the radios.

Use a CMM and drop the PTP300 to 10MHz.