60 Meg BH polarity

Have anyone attempted to slant a 60 Mb BH 45 degrees to isolate it from interference? So its signals would not be either H or V, but two 45 degree signals? We are looking at possibly doing this to isolate the BH from the APs signal (which is vertical)

You get the maximum isolation having the polarity 90 degrees from the other. 45 degrees won’t gain much.

Thanks for the reply. What I’m trying to do is the following

AP and SM’s are vertical. 60 Meg BH is dual polarized (V+H). I have a link that is in a very crowded place and frequency on the BH keeps bouncing around and never achieves max bandwidth. If this was a single pol. BH, I could turn it to Horiz. and be done with it, but since the BH is dual pol. no matter how I turn the antenna around, there will always be a signal on V. My questions is, can I turn this thing 45 degrees so the BH’s pol will be off of either the V and the H? In my little experience sound like that would give me some additional isolation. What do you think?

It would give you some isolation but it may not be worth the effort.

I think I would engineer it so that the the VPOL is at one end of the spectrum or the other, and then work the HPOL in with the other frequencies.


Thanks Jerry. We are going to it to see what it does. We have our own climbers so all it really takes us is time.

Thank you again