60 or 360 degrees

Hello Forum,
I want to know if i can use an AP as an OMNI, that is configuring the AP to Generate Sync and i’ll like to if it will transmit in 60 or 360 degrees.
Have anyone use their AP as an OMNI? or is it wise doing that ?
I look forward to your ever useful advice

Many people are using the Connectorized AP’s with Horizontally polarized omni-directional antennas with good results. The advantage to this setup is the cost savings. The disadvantage is higher susceptibility to RF interference.

The cost of a single AP and H-Pol omni certainly is more attractive than three APs and three H-Pol sectors…

We use 900MHz Integrated AP’s with excellent success, however our antenna height of 3400’ ASL allows us to use these with better success than if they were at a few hundred feet AGL like on a water tower.