600SS Issues - Has anyone else seen this?

Hello Gang!

Dave at RTWB dot Net here.

We are FINALLY bring our system up and
as usual I seem to be seeing problems not seen
by others.

I have received a small number of 600SS Surge Suppressors
which seem to be somewhat flaky.

Symptoms I’ve seen range from refusal to pass Ethernet
reliably (one instance the unit failed after 6 days) others
fail at install time.

In this case ALL cabling checked out good. Replacing the
600SS with another unit seemed to heal the problem.

Another install seems to have suffered
from lots of dropped links causing frequent re-reg events.
This particular install has a pretty good shot at the AP
so I was ready to believe the re-reg events were being caused
by 900 Mhz portable Phone interference. However
since forcing the SM interface to connect at 10BaseT instead of
100BaseT (auto) the re-reg events have quit.

A third install simply refuses to link up at all with any of 3
600SS units installed. It is currently operating with an
Ethernet Jumper (socket-to-socket) to bypass the 600SS
and is working fine. I think there’s little doubt the issue
is with the Suppressor but I’ve seen no comment anywhere
that suggests others have seen this issue.

I have one 300SS unit installed which has not given me a bit of trouble.

So far my vendor hasn’t discovered any helpful
information other than to suggest the speed shift
which SEEMS to have helped, at least in One case.

I have more experimenting to do here, but I welcome
any thoughts, hints, suggestions.

Thanks loads!

Dave Brenton

I had all sorts of issues with the 300 units. I just removed them and all is well…

So does that mean you are not using any SS product at all?

How do ya’ll feel about that?

I’d rather not unless its the only way to reliably operate.

Wouldn’t that create NEC problems (and therefore liability issues)?

wow i would never install a customer without using a surge suppressor

for ALL of our CPE we limit each SM to 10base FULL Duplex. we used to have all kinds of trouble maintaining ethernet connections when sm’s were set to 100fdx

we use 300ss & install one at EVERY location at the entry point no matter what. grounding the dish & surge.

Where are you grounding to?

our first spot to ground to is usually the electrical panel outside the house. other times ground rods are driven.

I’m using the recommended 10GA Copper to the nearest available ground rod or driving my own.

Still shouldn’t the the thing pass Ethernet grounded or not?


yea it will pass ethernet grounded or not, but its pointless to put one in & not ground it.

try locking it down to 10 fdx

Locking town to 10BaseT seems to bring things back to life.

I’d sure like to understand the mechanisms at work here.
I’m using Best-Tronics Shielded Cable - Shielded Jacks, all by the book.

Yet the darn 600’s won’t pass 100BaseT - I know, I know, there’s no
need for it to do that. After all my fastest service offering is 768K
and the max possible with 900 MHz would be less that 4 Mbps.

Still, seems like it ought to work.

But if 10BaseT works reliably then all is good, right?


I’ve always had good luck forcing them to 10/full. Other times like on the BH10’s and 20’s they work fine in 100/Full. Its really odd.

You all know that if you drive a rod, you must bond it back to the building main rod right?

http://internationalelectricalcode.com/ … 020701.htm

"Any grounding electrode added for communications systems is required to be bonded with a 6 AWG or larger conductor to the building or structure grounding electrode system in accordance with 800.40(D), 810.21(J), 820.40(D), and 830.40(D)."

If you are being funded by RUS (which not many are so this is just a interesting tidbit) you have to dig a hole of a certain depth below grade and then drive the rod. The conductor must be exotherm welded or attached using a suitable clamp rated for direct bury. Everything must be then backfilled until at grade. Crazy huh?