6x - 90 Degree Sectors?

Would it be advisable or would it degrade performance if one were to configure a cluster of AP’s using 6 sectors with 90 degree antennas instead of 60 degree antennas? Just seems that this would cover the 3-6dbi rolloff better for the edges of each sector, and it would make it easier later if we converted from our current four 90 degree sectors.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

We don’t have any test data in this scenario, so we cannot comment on actual performance.

However, as we learn more about adjacent channel performance of the PMP 450 radio, it seems to be very solid. That is, qualitatively, we think there would be low risk of adjacent sector interference when using the antennas in this manner. If you decide to go this route, we would greatly appreciate any performance testing or data that you could share with the rest of the community.

Feel free to post updates here.

Is there any reason in particular you were looking into that deployment? Were you experincing any issues with customers that are in the “slip” edge between panels?