7.2.9 vs. 7.3.6

After recently upgradeing everything from 7.2.9 HWS to 7.3.6 HWS we started having problems on our backhauls. After speaking with Canopy Tech Support, they advised us to switch the Backhauls to software scheduling (To help lower our return times).

We did what they suggested and it was working fine for about 16 hours.
The one of links started to drop off and wouldn’t we register. After fighting with it for 4 days, we found that we were the cause of our own problem. Self interference! I can except that now.

However since figuring out that it was a self interference problem we downgraded that particular backhaul link to 7.2.9 running HWS (because it was running fine like that for 7 months). It has now been 16 hours with no problems on that link.

Qestion is, is there any logical reason for it work better useing 7.2.9 HWS instead of 7.3.6 SWS?

Why don’t you downgrade them to 7.1.4? It was suggested many times on this forum, and beleve me, it’s the best option.

Yeah we may just do that if links start to fall off again.

Product Alert: http://motorola.canopywireless.com/support/community/viewtopic.php?t=1228


Do you guys feel that running BHs at 7.1.4 on SWS is the best or is HWS still better on 7.1.4 ?

vanilla wrote:
Do you guys feel that running BHs at 7.1.4 on SWS is the best or is HWS still better on 7.1.4 ?

There is no HWS on 7.1.4.


So you guys have found SWS on 7.1.4 to be better than HWS on 7.2 ?

I’ve never used 7.1.4 so I can’t say.

But since we downgraded our one BH link to 7.2.9 in HWS the link has not went down (3 days now).

7.3.6 SWS = 0.5ms between radios (more susceptible to interference)
7.3.6 HWS = +20ms between radios
7.2.9 HWS = 0.5ms between radios (works best for us)
With Cmmmicro at 2.1.3

Anyone else find anything different?

Frothingdog.ca wrote:
Anyone else find anything different?

I second the 7.3.6 reports. Going to downgrade one link 7.2.9 and try HWS right now...