7.2 Upgrade...

Paul@MDSWireless wrote:
I guess at the end of the day, everyone is frustrated.

We just want to know what is going on with our investment..

Well, we have kicked a major reseller to get information from Moto. When we have it, we will provide it here, if Cannopy_Support has not yet responded.

I find the silence on the part of Moto, most troubling.

I’ve had my call with Trango. If Motorola gives a damn at all, they’ll give us some status update with their broke-assed hardware/firmware solution within the next 24 hours.

If not, then I refuse to waste any more time deploying more Motorola gear. I have over half a million in gear deployed now, but I suppose that’s small potatoes for Mot.

Guys, not that i want to bad mouth the competition, but we really need to resolve our CANOPY issues.

I don’t want to start rolling trucks because of a small software issue.

This is really getting frustrating for everyone.

OBVIOUSLY - We are all checking these forums ALL DAY waiting to hear some news from Motorola.

We do have better things to do then read forums!

This is ridiculous. Several posts removed on this subject.

The CEO of Motorola should be ashamed. What a mickey-mouse operation this Canopy division is.

Where’s Mr. Sexton when you need him!!! When I call in, he seems to have the answer for everything! Great guy, although when you were a newbie like me, hard to talk to. At least they are testing this 7.2 out in the field.

I would have to agree with the last post!

I know that there has been a few interm releases of the new firmware update.

I had my hands on 7.1.4W, though it really didn’t resolve much for us.

I know that Cascade Networks one of our suppliers for Cyclone product actually is a beta tester and they have newer firmwares, though they can’t be released !.

micers wrote:
[quote="Paul@MDSWireless":y3jp1tjb]I guess at the end of the day, everyone is frustrated.

We just want to know what is going on with our investment..

Well, we have kicked a major reseller to get information from Moto. When we have it, we will provide it here, if Cannopy_Support has not yet responded.

I find the silence on the part of Moto, most troubling.[/quote:y3jp1tjb]

We have now kicked the reseller twice. The reseller seems to be tap dancing.

Hello Moto ... are we being ignored?


Wouldn’t you know it and I switched all my 900 gear back to Software tonight!!!

Keep the thread going by letting us know if it worked!

i have now been susessfully running with the rolled back version of 7.04 from 7.14 for the last several weeks and all seems fine…

hope i did not just jinx it.


Thanks for the firmware update.

Though it has been long anticipated, THANK YOU!

I’m sure we will all keep you posted with our findings.


One question, which you can answer here, or you can answer to a supervisor. It makes no difference to me.

You saw all the turmoil created by that rumor monger. Why did you ignore it and refuse to comment? It would have been very easy to answer the worries of those of us who were troubled by the rumor.


First, we don’t comment on rumors. Second, I am not sure what rumor you are referring to as this thread has featured a number of them. Third, it wasn’t being ignored; I just hadn’t read these comments until this morning.

When the forum is taken to this level it is no longer useful. The intent of this forum is so that users within the Canopy Community can come to one common place to discuss technical Canopy related issues. This is no place for rumors or demands. If you have an urgent request then escalate it through your sales representative or call into support. Please don’t post it to a forum that is heavily used in hopes that I look at the post. Although I try, I don’t get to read all the posts right away, some I read days after the item is posted. Others I don’t get a chance to read at all. If I see there is a string of comments I try to read the first and last comments to validate that the question was answered.

I have spent more time responding to private messages than responding to true technical questions out in the public forum. If you are upset with something we will do everything possible to help you in your situation. If you need something addressed quickly then I highly recommend calling directly into support. If you have a question you can post it to our support email address. There are more people responding to the formal support emails than answering the forum.

I understand that there is much frustration but please believe me when I say that your input is extremely valuable to us. The Canopy product is stronger than ever and continues to improve thanks to items such as customer feedback. If you are experiencing a problem that isn’t being addressed please call us directly. Remember we have an entire call center staff that is willing to talk 24x7x365 while I am an individual here trying to answer what I can, when I can.

IN All fairness everyone.

I must say that with all the other wireless vendors we deal with…

Motorola has the FASTEST response on answering their phones.

They are ALWAYS there, and i have never had to wait more than 30seconds for a LIVE person.

I do commend them for that.

(Keep up the good work…Moto…)

Canopy_Support wrote:
First, we don’t comment on rumors.

Cool. Here is a link to a thread. If you have time you may find it worth reading.

Visit the WISP forums at DSLR for other WISPS.
Just google on dslreports.

Thanks for the response. I needed to tie up that loose end and you have finally given me the information I needed to do that. I can now feel good about telling people just how good it is to do business with Canopy.


We upgraded our 900 South AP and SM’s to 7.2 and HW last nite around midnight. NONE of the SM’s have had any more of their short (2-51 seconds) outages! The North AP still has many SM’s that will cut out 10-20 times a day. I will be moving them to 7.2 HW SOON.

Good work Canopy. (Knock on wood)


First, I will not deal with anyone but Motorola for our gear.

Second, I can’t even count all the times it has been said that this forum is NOT A FORMAL SUPPORT TOOL. If you have spcific issues that other USERS of Canopy can’t help you with, then go driectly to Motorola Support. There is ONE Support person that reads through these forums trying to make sure the info we all give out is accurate. You can’t flame him/her for not knowing down to the second what the engineers are up to or for not offering formal support.

Third, I’m not going to upgrade to 7.2 until a few people have done so and can give us a firm go-ahead on it’s performace.


I agree with acherman. Even if the support person or people do know what the engineers are up to everthing, like life, is subject to change.

I ran the 7.2 upgrade on a “controlled” cluster in the field 1ap, 1bh, and 13 sm’s. Everthing is working great.


Cool, thanks for the update, Keith.


Aaron, the 7.2 seems to be the real deal. No re-regs, no short outages, ping times dropped back down to around 15ms… life is good! :slight_smile: