7.2 Upgrade...

acherman wrote:
First, I will not deal with anyone but Motorola for our gear.

That is the way I feel as well.

acherman wrote:

Second, I can't even count all the times it has been said that this forum is NOT A FORMAL SUPPORT TOOL. If you have spcific issues that other USERS of Canopy can't help you with, then go driectly to Motorola Support.

Are you addressing any specific user of this forum or just all users of this forum in general?

acherman wrote:

There is ONE Support person that reads through these forums trying to make sure the info we all give out is accurate. You can't flame him/her for not knowing down to the second what the engineers are up to or for not offering formal support.

While I can't speak for the unnamed people whom you are addressing. And I most certainly would never speak for either Canopy_Support OR the other users of this forum. I can speak for myself, and I do, when I say that I don't recognize anyone's authority to tell me whom I may criticize or what I may criticize them about after I have laid down my money to purchase a product. Since we are counting, that is point number one.

Number two, I believe a review of the posts in this thread will indicate that the Support person is quite in control of the thread, having deleted multiple posts and munged others. It looks to me like the support person is quite capable of defending him/her self.

Nunber three, why would you suddenly after the ruckus has calmed down decide to get "all up in everyone's faces". Support has things under control. Motorola has delivered an excellent update and we *ALL* have made our points.

acherman wrote:

Third, I'm not going to upgrade to 7.2 until a few people have done so and can give us a firm go-ahead on it's performace.


LOL and there you go ... You trust everything Motorola but you don't trust everything Motorola enough to just jump in there. You'd rather let someone else test the waters, someone who *REALLY* trusts Motorola... So I'll help you out.

It works just great on the two 900 Advantage AP's we have in service. There are a total of about 30 subs on them *today*. One of them is at the other end of a 9.48 mile 5.7 GHz link at 170' we installed this weekend. I just updated the Cyclone AP, and the 5.7 SM we are using to backhaul the 900 MHz pop. It went flawlessly. Latency halved, thruput doubled, and no reregs. I'll add that other links which were not stable even with software scheduling seem to have become stable.

Thank you again Motorola for an excellent bit of engineering.

Okay, I’m going to lock this one. Let’s quietly disperse as there is nothing to see here :lol: .

Please do not start another topic mentioning the fact that I locked this one as I’m doing it with good, not evil, intentions.