7.3.6 firmware package

I have an AP on 7.2.9 and want to get it upgraded to version 9.
According to the past upgrade paths, i need to go: 7.2.9 > 7.3.6 > 8.15.1 > 8.2.7 > 9.0

I have all of those for pkg3 except 7.3.6

Does anyone have this so I can get it upgraded?

I havnt seen 7.3.6 pkg3. I have 7.3.6 pkg2 if you want it. You will need cnut 2.1 which I have archived as well.

if you need it let me know

If you could send me the cnut version two that would be great. I have the firmware pkg2, just need the cnut program for it.

its at vcweb.org/canopy

Got it, thanks!