7.36 or 8.2.7 ?

What does everyone recommend for P9 AP, SM and BH.

Do we stay with 7.36 on APs and SMs wth BHs on 7.14 or do we migrate all to 8.2.7?

I’d stick with 7.3.6 for a little while longer until we have more feedback on how the new software is working with P9 units.

So far I haven’t seen any issues but I’ve seen a few posts complaining about odd behavior.

Upgraded 3 900 AP’s to 8.2.7. so far so good.

- we don’t use NAT on more than a few SMs
- SM’s seem to register faster and stay registered better

Need to do more testing.

Have you had any issues if you test a firmware upgrade on one AP and its SMs out of a cluster?

So having 5 APs and their associted SMs on 7.3.6 and the 6th AP and its SMs running 8.2.7 ?

Can’t say as I updated all of the 900’s at the same time.

I did run one 900ap on 8.2.2 with the others still on 7.3.6 for almost a year. There may have been a negative impact doing this as I think the network seems to be more stable now. I don’t know if that is due to software GPS mismatch or if 8.2.7 is better.

you may want to wait a litle longer but 8.2.7 apears to be as stable as 7.3.6.

vanilla wrote:
What does everyone recommend for P9 AP, SM and BH.

Do we stay with 7.36 on APs and SMs wth BHs on 7.14 or do we migrate all to 8.2.7?

My network is 100% 8.2.7 and 7.1.4.

P9 & earlier BH's get 7.1.4 and run in SW mode. Everything else is on 8.2.7.

We noticed a significant hit when we moved to 8.x on the BH's, so we went back. I can't say for sure whether 8.2.7 fixed this issue since we haven't tried. We do have some P10 BH's on 8.2.7 though which seem to be working fine.

I’m now running about a 1000 Sm’s and many AP’s, BH’s…


FINALLY a firmware that doesn’t seem to have any major issues!


We are seeing 10% - 20% packet loss across entire sectors that are P9 AP and mix of P10 and P9 sm’s AP’s are loaded from 60 - 95 SM’s. This issue is NOT present when running 7.3.6.
All units are running 8.2.7 and effects both P9 and P10 SM’s
Loss is on last link between AP and SM with 4 control slots. Radio units do not disconnect from the tower. Link tests run 98% - 100%. Happens in both 1x and 2x mode.

I can not recommend an upgrade. This issue has been around for at least 8.2.4

Issue maybe related to the ethernet side and 10 base T. We are seeing improvement by changing to 100 base T. Will update if this completely resolves issue on all sectors.

Well after several hours and over 7000 pings with 0 lost we believe there is an issue in the Ethernet side of the radio and 10 base T modulation.
No mater if the AP has 9 customer or 90+ customers and there does not seem to be a correlation on what type of switch is used be it a HP pro curve or a cheap $20 switch if the AP is set to 10bT it will have significant CRC errors that result in packet loss. 100base T does not seem to show this behavior.

How about compared to any other 8.x.x firmware? 8.1.5 is my current favorite, but our network is currently a jumble and I want to try to standardize on one. I’m on the fence as to whether I should go with 8.2.7, or fall back to good ol’8.1.5.

Seems like as long as the SM, AP, or BH is in 100FDX 8.2.7 is almost as stable as 7.3.6 and more stable for NAT/DHCP. I have standardized on it for a week now and been very happy. I notice more session increments but I could be looking at it too closely.

i certainly recommend 8.2.7 for any 8.x series

Two weeks with full system upgrade from 8.2.4 to 8.2.7, so far so good.
Re-regs seem to be quite a bit less on weaker links.
Field techs report a moderate increase of actual bandwidth when testing during installations.
SNMP responses seem more robust.

Also upgraded Prizm to 3.10 r4 at same time.
New dashboard window is great.
Seems to run faster.

32 Ap’s
500 SM’s


Could you post a screenshot of the dashboard window? We had decided to not upgrade as we are designing our own monitoring/metrics solution, but it’ll be a few weeks before it is up and running, so is 3.1 worth the hassle for such a short time?

I have upgraded ~400 SM’s to 8.2.7 and they all seem to be working much better then any other 8.x release.

For clarity: We have decided not to upgrade Prizm to 3.1…

For the short time you mentioned, it would not be worth it.

http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj87 ... hboard.jpg