May have to start looking into this as an option down the road due to more and more interference cropping up in my 900MHz broadcast areas. Need the tree penetration and I know I can get this with 700MHz.

First question: What is the likelihood Motorola would produce a Canopy product in the 700MHz line? I know they produce other licensed-frequency products and I don’t see why this wouldn’t be yet another thing that would compliment their line-up.

Second question: What (GOOD) manufacturers are out there for 700MHz gear?


I wonder how is the 700 band better than the 900 band. Also where do these bands come from :o ?

Television broadcasting bands. Most of them aren’t being utilized anymore so they are being sold off.

As far as I know, it performs about the same, maybe a little better than 900 in terms of foliage penetration. Depending on your allocation and equipment you can get higher bandwidth links as well. The providers to the north of us use 700MHz and they can get 5mbit down, 1-2mbit up.

I believe the auction is over you should have put in a bid for a 12mhz slot of 700mhz, it only went for 2.5 billion.

What we are interested in is the TV White Space. I suspect that we will be able to use those gaps for broadband delivery-we’ll see.

You will probably b able to run higher EIRP for better penetration.

It’s a year away if it happens at all.