and 7.3.6 Signal Differences

Has anyone noticed signal differences with client signals after upgradeding AP’s and SM’s to

Yes - however for us it was both ways.

On some of them the signal went down a little, whereas others the signal went up, neither to a degree that much affected anything.

We noticed this on our 900SMCs - we also use 2460SMs (2.4GHz lites), but we started off on with those.

Our 5.8 Canopy backhaul pair was unaffected by the upgrade.

What about mixing Firmwares? Say keeping the APs at 7.3.6 and moveing the SM’s to 8.151, or the other way around AP at 8.151 and SM’s at 7.3.6? Anyone test this out?

Two of our locations are still using the 7.3.6 firmware on the AP with a handful of SMs on each using - I did not see any problems or notice any severe signal degradation.

That’s good to know. Thanks

I’m fairly certain that any differences in jitter, RSSI, and power levels between firmware versions are caused by different calibration and calculation methods.

The link properties are going to be exactly the same on any firmware, despite the differences in “perceived” signal strength.

I can’t find it right now but I think Motorola even mentions this in some firmware update release notes.

Keefe is correct.

Same antenna, same hardware.

the software will interpret the values differently.

I ran into a snag. I up graded one of our AP’s to (736>8.1.4> and I left the clients at 7.3.6. After the AP can back up all the SM’s registered but non of the clients could get online. I rebooted a couple clients and the AP again, AP came back and all the SM’s registered but the clients still could not surf.

So I down grade the AP back to 7.3.6 and all is well again. Anyone else run into the same thing?

How were you accessing the AP, with ethernet or through an SM link?

If you were accessing it via radio I’d say this kind of sounds like an auto-negotiation problem between the AP and whatever ethernet device is connected to it. If you were accessing it via ethernet then this idea would be ruled out.

Accessing the AP via Ethernet.

I want to downgrade from 8.1.4 to 7.3.6 version
May i know the CNUT and package to use. the step by step procedure will help me.