8.1 and NAT - Who has issues?

I’ve read about a lot of people having issues with NAT on 8.1. Just curious what kind of issues you are having.

I have downgraded 14 of my sites back 7.3.6 - I have left 1 running 8.1. I’ve only seen a couple issues so far are the DHCP stats page being really slow to update (ie. a host grabs an address from the DHCP server, and 5 minutes later is shows on the DHCP stats page).

Also, we have had more than a few SMs running NAT that won’t pass DNS traffic. Downgrade to 7.3.6 and all is good. Upgrade and no DNS.

Anyone else?


Oh, and regarding the DHCP stats page, when the host finally does show up, 90% of the time the MAC is all zeros!! :? I tried this with 10 PCs (easier for the percentage calculation) :smiley:


Can you forward the issues you have experienced to support so it can be documented?

So the issue you have seen are as follows:

1- DHCP stats page slow to update (does it finally update? If so after how long?)
2- DNS info doesnt pass to client when NAT enabled (do all SM’s experience this or do some work?)

3- DHCP stats page shows MAC as all 0’s

Was that all?

My only NAT issue has been that VoIP and VPN don’t work w/NAT

Was that with 8.1.4 only or do you have that issue with other releases?

We upgraded one of our SMs when the code was released. Went ahead and installed it, and yes, NAT was a big problem. Client was not getting reliable service at all until I downgraded to 7.3.6 and then all was well.
We did not have the AP at 8.1.4, it was still at 7.3.6. Client has been downgraded, but I did send the event log with stack dumps to technical-support@canopywireless.com. I will set up a test bed for 8.1.4 if I get time, but we’re still digging out and getting power restored from the storm Thursday and Friday.

My VoIP and VPN do not work behind NAT with 7.3.6 and 8.1.4. I have not tested other versions. I have known these to work with NAT on several cheap routers though, which is our current workaround

We have also had the VPN problem, and used the same solution. What kind of VOIP are you talking about? Does a regular Vonage account not even work?

I don’t know what Vonage uses, but the VoIP we use is SIP and RTP.

The problem more specifically… we can make and answer calls… we can talk to the other person, but we can not hear what the other person is saying. For whatever reason it doesn’t allow the incoming stream.