8.1 for BH's

Hi Guys,

does anyone know if you can pass vlan tagged frames thru BH links?
My scenario…I have a cluster that is receiving vlans on the air interface and pass them to a cisco switch. this tower is conected to a 2nd. tower with a 20 MB BH running 7.2.9 and HWS.
the question is with the new soft. release, can you pass vlaned framos from tower a to tower b and then to a vlan enabled switch??

It was my understanding that if a packet arrives at a BH and it is tagged, it will remain tagged and be transparently passed through the BH link.

Yes, this has been available for a few years. V8 does not change this.


I decided to leave all my BH on 7.2 because 8.1.4 was giving me trouble on links where there was no trouble before…

BH’s act like trunk ports… they do not loog at the vlan tag