8.2.1 - 900 mhz - sms dropping

happening across 5 APS. pretty much being forced to go back to 7.3.6 since we have customers calling in everyday. Does anyone know (a) has this been reported and (b) will this be fixed in 8.2.2? © should i go somewhere besides 7.3.6 ?

we went up to 8.2.1 over thanksgiving weekend

its not 900mhz only, its happening on our 5.7’s as well on both p8 & p9 radios, resulting in customer rebooting their radio to re-establish the connection. i’ve reported this to motorola & they are working with me on the problem…

this happens in 8.2 & 8.2.1

8.2.2 is supposed to be stable.

8.1.x and 8.2.1 have been failures.

going back to 7.3.6. today. thanks.