8.2.1 consensus?

So is it safe to say not to upgrade? Or are there people out there not having any problems with this version?

Well we don’t use NAT and we haven’t had any problems yet. SM’s are a combo of 7.3.6 and 8.2. But personally I don’t like the 8.x firmware. It’s slow responding and loading. I need to click the menu links several times to get it to actually switch pages. I don’t find it as User Friendly as 7.3.6.

As far as functionality, it works just the same for us.

so no one is actually seeing rf differences? like rssi (db) reading as being worse with 8.2.x?

We Have some units testing on this build (8.2.1) and are having no problems. We do NOT use NAT yet would like to in order to do away with the routers at the customer location. In our testing with units on NAT, we have found the same ethernet lockups as before and actually, am able to access the locked up unit, just no internet to the cust until the unit is physically power cycled.

Still on 8.1.5 until this is dealt with.

Canopy is still the best product out there.!!!

8.2.1 is the best firmware to run on P10 radios that only run v8 firmware

8.2.1 is significantly better than any other 8.x firmware, including 8.2

If you are using NAT, there are still some bugs in 8.2.1 but they are arguably better to deal with than the DHCP/NAT bugs in 7.x and there is no argument that they are significantly better than any of the other 8.x releases.

Right now we’re keeping P9 NAT customers on 7.3.6 until 8.2.X is fully fixed. We’re moving all 8.x customers and P10 customers to 8.2.1.

I have upgraded my 2.4 system to 8.2.1 in order to fix issues with NAT from the SM to the CPE. My customers are still reporting that they need to reboot the SM daily in order to get back online. I am not seeing this with all my customers though, only about half of them and they are on different APs.
So just to let you know, there is still problems with NAT on the newest releases.
If I come across anything I will repost the solution.

Some of my P10SMs are keeping IDLE, or having NO LINK on Interface. What could be the solution?

AMDXtreme wrote:
Some of my P10SMs are keeping IDLE, or having NO LINK on Interface. What could be the solution?

8.2.2 will hopefully fix that.

I guess not. uhhmmm… but anyway, I already solved P10 to work like P9 by using 100mb half duplex.

Got some new radios with 8.2 and they all seems to have the same problem, the Ethernet link connects, then disconnects repeatedly.

Anyone else experience this?


Yes we’ve had a few as well…all 900SMC’s I believe.

I am not pleased…

Like wise. But what can ya do. We just weed them out and send them back.

Don’t wantt o speak too soon, but it appears that 8.2.2 has fixed the ethernet link issues.

Don’t know what other problems may lurk but so far so good.

it has been a long time jerry, this 8.2 version SM is really crazy.
i am still wondering why it keeps on losing connectivity and all the such. when it loose connectivity all we have to do is to recycle power but this is making look like a nuisance in my office. please can anybody help me with this problem

Upgrade to 8.2.2

Definitely upgrade you BH20’s to 8.2.1… If you leave them on 8.2 you get very low throughput even though link tests show 100% both ways.