8.2.2 upgrade effects Transmitter Output Power

After 8.2.2 fw upgrqade, Transmitter Output Power has a range of only 2 --12. Anybody else experience this? Anyone know of fix?

Is your country code set correctly?

You upgraded from what version?
And yes, I ran into the same thing when I went from a version 7s to version 8s, had to add stingers, reflextors and yagis to fix this problem. Also had to move 3 of my customers to other sites.

I was upgrading from 736 to 822. The Country code was set to 1, which I think is US, on all the radios before the upgrade. It is now set to ‘0’ which is other. I tried to set it to something else but that didn’t work.
If I come up with a solution I will post it for you. I don’t know about the rest of you but ever since the P10 boards with the the ver 8.XX came out I have had nothing but maintenance issues to chase throughout my network.

I thought from your subject line that you were referring to what we have seen here, which is radios upgraded from 7.3.6 to 8.whatever (including 8.2.2) drop a fair amount of RSSI as measured at the SM.

Anyone else seeing this?

Anyone know if it’s just a different measurement of the same signal or if v8 doesn’t “see” the AP as well?

I haven’t really experienced any problems that you mentioned. But keep in mind I have only been using the Ver 822 FW for a week now. Before the upgrade I noticed that the Jitter and power levels where unreasonably high. For instance the power level would be showing a reading of -95 but yet I was getting link speeds between 80-90 up and down. I was having troubles with the customer connection always re-registering but that was fixed with a $1000.00 TCS (Tower control System). A lot more cost effective than a CMM.

In regards to the transmitt power output setting I have yet to resolve it. I did flash the radio back to 736, but now the 12 DBm cap is showing in that version. I Flashed it back up but with not positive result. Maybe a FPGA upgrade will work. Does anyone know where to download that from? I am presently running version 100207 on all the P9 boards that are giving me problems.

QUESTION?? In telnet when i try to run the command maxtxpower I just get the following message: “Unlock before any change.” Does anyone know the command line to unlock this?

dhendricks wrote:
In telnet when i try to run the command maxtxpower I just get the following message: "Unlock before any change." Does anyone know the command line to unlock this?

I think you should insert the override plug (RJ11) before issuing some diagnostic commands.


I tried the override plug but that didn’t unlock any of the commands.

I’ve noticed this same phenomenon, and that is somewhere along the 8.x upgrade path, the Canopy Radios max TX power changes, and to a lower number.

I have been able to (on some radios) flash back down to 7.3.6 and use the higher max TX power values, but on other radios, this new “default max” remains persistent even after the downgrades.

So, out of curiosity… I took some of these radios to the Avcom Spectrum Analyzer and tested for myself, looking for the change in TX power.
And I was startled at what I found… on 2 of the 4 900MHZAPC that changed max RSSI (from 28 to 26), there was indeed a 2dbm drop in power.

I don’t have any answers for a fix, I am just reporting results.

OK, I found a fix for my problem. I’m back to 28dbm on all 4 of my 900 APs


Could this be part of the problem:

I talked to a Moto engineer about his very thing, The 900 MHz radios were never FCC or IC certified to transmit at 28 dBm. The radios didn’t transmit above 26 dBm, but the GUI allowed a setting of 28 dBm. This was actually corrected in 8.2.4, then documented in 8.2.7’s release notes.

Even though most people say that changing it 28db on the older software did not make any difference. In our case it did on many occasions. There were several times that changing it from 26 to 28 made power levels better and/or jitter better.