anyone know when its coming out?


I wish they would tell us, but they won’t.

They are being tight lipped and tight with the beta code too.

My customers are getting real sick of it, but we are hanging in there and downgrading NAT customers who are not using QoS.

Otherwise we use static IP assignment on QoS customers.

Our biggest issue is NAT customers connected directly to their Windows or MAC machine.

the week of december 10th is the estimated date for final release of 8.2.2

It’s out now… http://motorola.canopywireless.com/supp … hp?catid=1

Upgraded all of our units to 8.2.2 and everything looks good so far!

Sterling… Are you running NAT and DHCP. And how about how many Ap’s Sm’s?

Yes, we are running some NAT, but no network wide DHCP.

We have a handfull of AP’s spread over a few cities.

Support has been real quiet since the upgrade…