has anyone used 8.2.3 yet?

it hasn’t been released yet, has it?

not to the public, i have a beta test but I really hate using paying clients as a beta…

Oh ok. Yeah i’m looking forward to seeing how well it solves the SM lockup problem.

I am too, this damn upgrade has cost me money, word of mouth and time. 8.2.2 caused major lock up problems for my p8’s.

I upgraded two of my sites with 8.2.3, I will update you guys as soon as possible.

Where do we sign up for beta testing? =)

I just mass updated a mix of p9/p10 boards to 8.2.2 (~100 subs + 3APs) no problems as of this point. It’s been ~1.5 weeks.


We had to yell for weeks about these problems before we even got to the right level of tech support. Once you get there the guys are pretty cool.

I ran 8.2.3 last night on a couple sites and upgraded a few more this morning. 8.2.3 is supposed to resolve the p8 boards going idle and requiring a reboot.

So when will it be released for general consumption?

dczimmerm wrote:
So when will it be released for general consumption?

Maybe after you have to yell for weeks also :lol: