8.2 and backhauls

What version is everyone running on their backhauls? If using older software are you running software or hardware scheduling? Also is there a way to find out remotely if the BH is a P8,P9, or P10?

nevermind, figured out to determine hardware version

But still wondering if people have upgraded their BHs.

We only have one BH20 set in service bridging two towers. Version 8, SW scheduling, 7.3.6.

To get the platform version telnet to the radio. Type “version”.

Ver. 7.3.6 and earlier: If “, sched” is present on the line “FPGA Features” the radio is in HW scheduling.

Yes, we upgraded the main BH20 when they hit about 7Mbps aggregate sustained.

We have upgraded only two which were hitting the pps limit. I hate doing the upgrade, first to 7.3.6, then set hardware scheduling, then turn off DFS on the slave, then upgrading to 8.2…