8.2 Features

This is not out yet, but lets make some comments:

DFS for US and Canada for 5.4 and 5.2 GHz modules - Opens up the 5.4 GHz spectrum in US and Canada by providing compliant DFS. Provides compliant DFS on 5.2 GHz modules, so they can continue to be sold in the US and Canada.

5.4 for USA? Is this legal now?

Higher Packet Processing Rate - Increases the maximum packet processing throughput of a P10 series hardware module to 4500 packets per second and a P9 series hardware module to 4000 packets per second.

Maximum Information Rate (MIR) cap on broadcast messages over the SM air interface - With this feature, an operator can set uplink broadcast/multicast MIR to prevent broadcast storms from entering the operator’s network.
When the feature is enabled on the SM, the broadcast packets are separated from the uplink stream and use the new MIR settings to be capped. All unicast packets will go under the existing MIR settings for capping. When the feature is disabled, the broadcast and unicast packets are capped under the existing MIR.

Management VLAN on Backhauls

High Priority Channel on older (P7 and P8) SMs

Special note for P10 series hardware:
◦ Under some traffic conditions, the Ethernet port on P10 series modules running releases before Release 8.2 will lock-up, and no traffic will pass. Release 8.2 addresses this issue by detecting the lock-up and rebooting the module. Aggressive work is underway for a point release that fixes the root cause (and avoids reboots).

Any idea when this is supposed to be out?

Today as they told me…