8.2, NAT, P10 ethernet lockup

So we have experienced a rash of ethernet lockups on our network which has cause our support calls to more than triple in the last few weeks. Our default install is to turn on NAT which combined with version 8.x software and P10 hardware is still causing ethernet lockups (yes even with 8.2). If you have not seen this issue basically the computer says limited or no connectivity yet the SM shows a device connected to the ethernet port and the DHCP server has handed out an IP. Power cycling the SM and restarting the computer brings the connection back up but some users are having to do that 3 or 4 times a day.

We have found that checking only 10Mbps/Full Duplex (and therefore disabling the other speed/duplex options) on the SM seems to clear the issue for 99% or more of the calls. This work around is mentioned in the release notes.

My question to the forum is this: Is anyone out there willing/able to write a plugin script for CNUT, or any other type of snmp script to make the changes to all the SM’s on a network. We are running Prizm 2.1 (haven’t had a chance to upgrade to 3.0 with how busy we’ve been installing new clients which is our business focus) Prizm doesn’t seem to have this ability (maybe Prizm 3.0 does…if anyone could let me know i might upgrade our server right away to accomplish this task)

so is it possible? does anyone have the time and knowledge to help write such a script? our only other option is to log into every SM and manually make the change and reboot, which is a daunting task with hundreds of SM deployed and causing this problem. a script would be a life saver.