8.2 testing notes

We have upgraded one customer (an employee) on our system to 8.2 code. He actually connects to a remote AP (fed by an SM running 7.2.9). We upgrade the AP and his SM (both P9). We are running 900MHz (924 specifically on this link). A few things to note:

- during the upgrade process (went from 7.2.9 > 7.3.6 > 8.1.4 >8.1.5 > 8.2) I had to manually reboot the AP during the 8.1.4, 8.15, and 8.2 steps - it froze on “Programming” in CNUT2.2 - but after a manual reboot it showed the next version fine.

- after the upgrade of both the AP first and then the SM, the AP locked up - no access from either direction until a power cycle.

- viewing the stats in Prizm (2.1) it shows RSSI increased from 1265 to 1300, signal level went from -78-79 to a steady 77, but Jitter inceased from 2 to about 8 - 10?

It has only been running for about 2.5Hrs now so we will continue to
monitor and I’ll post any issue we notice here.

Also, what does the “Schedule Whitening” setting do under the radio settings tab?

Check in the manual, I had the same question and am not onsite now, but they have a great description of the setting.

Also, in both the upgrades and downgrades I have done, I have experienced the same, hangs on Programming for 22 days, finally I cancel, telnet into the radio and rest and it show the proper version I am setting it to.


Found it - it was in the release notes not the manual. For anyone else who is wondering:

Configuration => Radio => Schedule Whitening
“Whitening” is a radio transmission technique that spreads the transmitted signal power so as to avoid peaks that could be interpreted as radar and trigger DFS. Whitening is not part of the DFS specification. It is a technology used by Canopy to reduce or eliminate false positives from selfinterference, and is recommended for all sectors, especially those in frequency bands running DFS.

From what I understand, 900Mhz, 5.7Ghz and 2.4Ghz really have no relationship to this setting, it is for the 5.2Ghz and 5.4Ghz bands.


A note regarding “Whitening”…if you enable it on your AP, your SMs will no longer associate to the AP until they are upgraded and “Whitening” is enabled on the SM also.

I JUST finished upgrading 3 APs I have (900MHz) also (whitening does not apply to 900mhz (iirc)). I have 2 subscribers on one of the APs and 1 subscriber on another AP.

The upgrade through CNUT2.2 went smoothly, no hangs/uneeded reboots.

I read that you are required to have a root password set when upgrading to 8.2 (I think it was the same when upgrading to 8.1.x??)

I upgraded from: 7.3.6 -> 8.1.5 -> 8.2v2, no issues at this time. I was plugged into a switch which in turn is plugged into the CMM which is my method of upgrading just now.

I plan on upgrading the 3 clients (7.3.6) tomorrow.

If you are using 900MHz AP and SM’s and plan on using 8.2, make sure you DO NOT ENQBLE Whitening on the 900 AP. Doing so will incease Jitter to an unacceptable reading and most likely you will never get it out of 1X mode.

This is verified with Motorola Engineers after my dilema a few weeks ago.

Considering that whitening is only there to speed up 5.2GHz and 5.4GHz DFS, and considering that it breaks 900, Motorola will probably remove it in a future software release from non-5Ghz radios