8.5 mile NLOS BH 5.2ER and 5.7 not successful, did I screwup

We tried unsuccessfully to do a link. Its pretty much NLOS, one side was about 120 feet high and the other about 105, but there was a ridge 2 miles from the higer side that only left about 20 foot of clearance to the center of the freznel zone, so the bottom half was completely gone

there was a previous 2.4 link that performed, but is gone now.
We knew this would most likely fail, but due to circumstances, we had to try it.

anyhow, the best we could do was see the BH master statistics in the BHM eval page of the slave, the best we saw was maybe a 300 rssi and an 82 dbm, never actually made an association.

we were physically pointing both sides and the other installer had a headset on the BHS side. He says he was getting tones he was going by, but when he pointed with his side, what he thought was getting better made it go to the point where we couldnt even see it in the BHM eval page. My question here is whether or not the tome he was hearing was actually a pointing tone or not, as I understood it, the tone is only emitted when an association is made, am I wrong? this is software by the way. I know I read a step by step here on how to point BH effectively but I cannot find it now. Could someone either tell me or point me to the thread?

Also, the other installer says he doesnt want to use the tone to point on the SMs with 2.4 gear, but I have read here that most guys prefer it for initial alignment, anyone want to post the pros and cons so I can take the info to him from people experienced with canopy?