802.11 Site Surveys

Does anyone know of any outfit that does 802.11 site surveying / engineering based on provided blue prints and floor plans? I searched the web and found various software tools that will do it for you, but I was just curious if there is anyone that makes a business out of it.

I would think there are a few outfits that do that. WHile studying for my CWNA, I realized there is ALOT that goes into a site survey, especially when you are dealing with a large building and cost is a issue.

I agree. How is your CWNA going? I start a bootcamp next week for my CCNA. After I get that cert, I want to tackle the CWNA.

I do site surveys, but as WirelessSolutions mentioned, it can get expensive. What’s most frustrating is no sooner than you get the survey done, there’s an couple more 802.11x APs up and running that alter the environment.

If you are in a very controlled situation, with little RF coming from outside your company, the survey is very straightforward. Unfortunately, this is only the case for buildings in the middle of a corn field.