820 Antenna Accessories

Where can I find antenna accessories for PTP 820 antennas like radomes and stabilizer bars?

Specifically I need them for N060082D128A- 3' ANT,SP,6GHz,RFU-C TYPE&Std UDR70 - Andrew and N180082D031-PTP 820 1' ANT,SP,18GHz,RFU-C TYPE&Std UBR220 - Andrew

these antenna comes from Commscope with PTP 820 antenna interface.

But the radomes and stiff arm are the same. We can help reach to Commscope and find out.



From Commscope

- Not support radome replacement for 1ft antenna.

- For 3ft one, there is the p/n from commscope: Radome: VRAD3-14-W; Strut: VSTRUT-P3KIT