820C Dual Core issue (V transmitter seen by H pole receiver)

Hi Everyone,

We are experiencing an issue in building our new link from existing backhauls in our network.

When we configure Radio 2 on each end of the link, we actually see better signal levels on radio 1. It's confusing to be transmitting on V pole and seeing better signals on H pole at the remote end. This appears to be happeneing from both ends and were not having much luck figuring it out.

See pictures of the RX and TX details from each radio below. Would love anyones ideas on what this could possibly be.



I have forwarded this to the support and product teams.


           It looks like you are running XPIC as both the cores have the same freq. First things if so, do you have the XPIC license on the radio? The XPI is what is key for XPIC along with the proper orientation of the OMT.

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Justin it's currently configured for 1+0 we noticed this issue when trying to align it in xpic mode. We used the configuration tool to build both configurations and had your RSM Brian review the config. We simply set the RX on the second cores to match the channel to show what we had seen when trying to build it out as xpic 

Some of my field tech never stop amazing me. But they actually managed to install an omt upside down TWICE, but sadly not on both radios or we wouldn't have the issue.

moral of the story, physics never lies. 

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