820c or 850c

Hi all, looking to get into some licensed links and was curious in the differences between 820c and 850c… One thing I do know is that the 850C does not support 13GHz. Just wanting some info, if you have a good link to some info or even hands on experience with this product. Is this system overly complicated… been use to Ubiquiti AF and Cambium ptp 550 for backhauls. Thanks!!

The 820 series is a very mature, stable work-horse radio that’s been around for years.

The 850 series is much newer, and supports higher order modulations, designed for speeds greater then 1gbps, has SFP+ ports, also supports 70/80mm wave models in the ‘e’ series.

I’d talk to your Cambium RSM, and tell them about you’re requirements and they can help you use LinkPlanner to plan your link and figure out pricing.

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